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Mapping & Surveying:

Putting the power of aerial mapping into your project. Speeding up data acquisition with next-day deliverables. What can we help map for you? Various applications and various sensors take data acquisition to new heights and turnaround times. Get in touch and get our advanced technology in your workflows.

Lidar Topography image example

Map Types:







-Site elevation mapping for project bidding

-energy corridor mapping

-vegetation encroachment

-watershed topography

-digital terrain models

-carbon sequestration

-forest biomass

-earthworks volumetrics

-erosion analysis



Camera Point cloud image example.
Archaeological Map
Lidar 360 software lidar image example

LiDAR Point Cloud (+/- 5cm) with photo texture overlay. Lowtide Camden Harbor 6/4/21: data acquired to generate rising sea level simulations to take into account for long-term redevelopment and engineering of Harbor Park while preserving its intertidal habitat

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