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Agricultural Insights: Precision Farming

Don't be left in the dark when it comes to the future of farming. We are here to help you increase your productivity, minimize inputs, and to boost your bottom line.

Climate change and more severe weather outbursts are the new reality. Be prepared to grow your best with the best technology.

Maine Precision Farming services

Compatible with farm management software, like


Case IH

Count & Size

Measure the amount and growth of crops at intervals during the growing season to forecast and make management decisions

Measure health

Multispectral sensors flown by UAV return quantitative results on plant health. Software with specific crop indices enable actionable information

Generate Prescription maps

Drone-collected data syncs into your existing farm management software to generate prescription maps to apply fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides

Detect early stressors

Survey large blocks of crops for pest, disease, or water stress indicators. Detect issues sooner and isolate areas to be treated versus treating everything

aerial Analytics

Multispectral image of a field.
RGB Ortho photo of Multispectral image
3d Ortho Example Photo

Ease of Access to Aerial Information:

Advanced crop monitoring without  having to become a commercial drone pilot, purchase expensive equipment & software, insure the operation, and comply with all the regulatory aspects of the FAA. We are a one-stop-shop delivering insights and data that directly enhance your bottom line.

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 Spraying and Spreading Services

Transitions in agriculture have a rich history - the transformation from labor-intensive hand farming to horsepower, and eventually, the rise of mechanical tractors. Now, we are on the precipice of the next revolutionary shift in farming – the transition from tractor to drone technology.

Active Intelligence is pioneering this transformation as the first agricultural drone service provider in the Northeast to offer spraying, fertilizing, and seeding services.  With the rising demand for expedited, carbon-neutral, cost-effective spraying and fertilizing services, the current market conditions have never been more conducive to our innovative solution.

Agras T-40 drone over a field.
Agras T-40 Drone
Agras T-40 Over a field.


Agriculture Drones:
The Next Evolutionin Farming

Customizable Spray Droplet
Size Increase penetration and
reduce drift with control over the
droplet size.

· High Calibration and Output
Control Fine-tune your operations
with our drones' advanced
calibration capabilities, adjustable
flow rates and per field, row and
acre settings. Delivering up to 3.1
gallons/min spray.

· Reduced Drift Flight paths down
to 6’ above the crops.

· Rapid Efficiency Capable of
spraying up to 50 acres or spreading
1.5 tons per acre within a single
hour, showcasing exceptional

· Seamless Precision Centimeter-
level accuracy for picking up exactly

where spray-filling/battery swaps

· Terrain Autonomy obstacle
avoidance and safe operation in
rugged terrain with RTK GPS and
Active Phased array terrain following

· Geo-Aware Flight Control
Precision flight directional control to
account for wind, terrain, setbacks
such as streams, lakes, ponds,
property lines and roadways.

· Fight Mildew Our propellers
generate a downwash that reaches
the underside of leaves, tackling
Mildew where it often hides.

· Precision Farm Mapping Each
farm and field will be pre-mapped
to account for unique
characteristics and provide
detailed terrain and crop

· Reduce Costs Lower your fuel
and chemical costs. Our precision
spraying ensures you use less
material and reduce leachability.

· Detailed Spraying & Spreading
Volume Reports keep track of
your crop management with our
comprehensive reporting. to
maintain optimal crop health and

· Detailed Imagery Benefit from
highly detailed orthomosaic
imagery for a year-to-year
analysis of your land.

· High-Volume Spreading Our
drones are capable of spreading
high volumes of sulfur or
granulated lime.

· Low Carbon Footprint Make
your farm more sustainable. Our
drones have an extremely low
carbon footprint compared to
traditional methods.

· Save Time Leave the hard work
to us and use your time more
effectively elsewhere.

No Soil Compaction Heavy ma-
chinery can compress and dam-
age your soil.

Photo of Tom with Agras T-40.
Company Logo Red box with A I letters
Photo of Blueberries
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