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Environmental Projects:

Drone Mapping captures real-time insights and high-definition imagery

Sebago Lake State Park:
Songo River

Help the Earth

The world is changing rapidly and it's more important than ever to be able to document and make plans for environmental change.

We are putting the ability to incorporate sophisticated, unmanned aerial systems for mapping and data collection into your project.

Surveying and Engineering-grade sensors collect elevation data with centimeter-level precision. Multispectral sensors glean insights into plant and ecology health. Thermal cameras can survey wildlife.

All data imports into ArcGIS, QGIS, & AutoCAD Civil 3D

colorized lidar and bathometry image example

National Coastal Resilience Grant:

Megunticook River Watershed Fish Passage and Flood Prevention Site Assessments and Design (ME)

Our aerial elevation data gathering has been imported into a comprehensive plan to address fish passage, watershed connectivity barriers, flooding hazards, vulnerable infrastructure, and degraded stream and wetland habitat in the Megunticook River watershed. The project will include site assessment and alternatives analysis for six dams, and envisioning a sea wall where the river outlets to Camden Harbor (pictured)

How can we help your project flourish?

Maine Drone & LiDAR Services

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