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Unbeatable angles and safety: The power of UAV inspections. Active Intelligence takes documented, first person view to the next level with detailed, immersive inspection images and 3-D renderings. Further the visual security of knowing your assets are in top shape by adding thermal imaging to pick up on issues invisible to the naked eye


Large scale infrastructure inspections of bridges, cell towers, wind turbines, or commercial roofs jump to digital life with highly detailed reports, interactive, zoomable photomosiacs, all from the safety and security of your desktop


Production facilities are prime to be inspected by drone visually and thermally on the inside. Send the drone into boiler tanks, fuel tanks, & pressure tanks. Get face to face images and thermal reports of the integrity of duct work, piping, fittings, and hard to reach places.

Image of oil tanks on a river from a drone
Solar Panels
image of dji h20T camera

DJI H20T - Thermal Sensor

Solar Panel Inspections

Drone cameras image example
Thermal radiometric image example
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