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construction services:

example: tractor supply company site volumetrics in belfast, me

3d Ortho elevation example image

3D ELevation view
calculate volumetrics
check plans vs
as built

"Drone Guy's Here"

Construction projects benefit tremendously from drone mapping and data collection from the pre-bid phase all the way through to project completion. Regular UAV monitoring intervals during construction help to streamline project management, improve transparency and reporting for quicker decision-making, enhance safety and compliance, and can catch troublesome issues before they grow exponentially. Budget and time tables have also proved more reliably maintained when drone solutions are integrated into construction workflow. Drone services are quickly being adopted as invaluable tools to dramatically increase workflow efficiency by reducing costs, saving time, improving safety, and providing a direct ROI.

Import UAV maps & elevations directly into your existing GIS, BIM and CAD software enables verification between site plans and as-built

tractor supply 3d
zoomable elevation map

know what you've got or calculate what you need. cut/fill, stockpiles, surface models

Drone Deploy Software of Volumetrics example image

asset inspection and 3D digital twin creation: resolution high enough to see Roosevelt's face on a dime:
utilities & more

our skydio2 drone in action

animated gif of bridge inspection
Bathometry Photo example

town of camden:
dam removal
fish passge
rising sea level planning

Lidar Point cloud colorized image
Ortho image example

dragon cement
rockland harbor
loading site

liDAR point cloud

Photo of drone at construction site
Photo of drone in flight
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